Starting a New Holistic Clinic

Do you know how to practice medicine, but have no experience starting a business?  Most medical programs offer little to no practical business training.  Additionally, holistic providers are not regularly hired at hospitals or large insurance-based clinics, therefore, many practitioners are forced to establish their own businesses.  This position can be an excellent opportunity for some, while for others, with no business experience, being a business owner can court financial disaster. 


At What’s Sup Doc Holistic Medical Consulting, we walk you through the entire process of setting up the clinic, from conception to completion.


At our first meeting, we talk at length about your goals and dreams for your clinic.  This can be a lengthy process and is critical to building a solid foundation for your success.  Upon completion of this process, we develop a plan for moving forward. 


You are directly involved in the planning and building process.  However, the degree to which you are involved depends on your interest. Several clients have combined this service with hiring and training staff.  Please click here to read more about that service.


Every job is custom. We are here to make your unique vision a reality.