Custom Superfoods, Bars and Teas

The standard American diet is nutrient poor.  However, to compensate for a poor diet, many are turning to the use of superfood powders and meal replacement bars.  Similarly, teas are used to help people that have little thirst  to increase their water intake.  In this respect, they are being used to flavor water or as coffee substitutes.


Holistic health providers are using superfoods, bars and teas for medicinal purposes.  They are prescribing products to patients with food sensitivities, restricted diets, or those in need of certain nutrients/herbs for a particular metabolic effect.


At What’s Sup Doc Holistic Medical Consulting, we help you develop organic superfood powders, bars and teas for your specific market.  Does your clientele have certain dietary requirements that you would like to target? We work with you from formulation through manufacture to make your concept a reality.  


If you are interested in selling your products on a larger scale, we help you promote it at professional trade shows.  Please click here for more information.