Custom Nutritional Supplements

The nutritional supplement industry is growing exponentially.   Whether consumers are  maintaining wellness, offsetting a poor diet, or treating a particular condition, more people are adding supplements — multivitamins, fatty acids, calcium/magnesium combinations, iron and others — to their daily routines.


Unfortunately, not all supplements are created equal.   Many supplements are poorly absorbed due to the use of incompatible ingredients in formulations.  Others include specific forms of raw ingredients that the body is unable to process. In fact, for some formulas the method of administration can affect absorption.   Yet absorption is not the only problem.  Many companies employ GMO or synthetically derived ingredients, sugars, dyes and industrial fillers.


Custom nutritional supplements provide you with control over ingredient selection.  This allows you to be certain there are no fillers or toxic colorants added.  In addition, you can customize flavorant selections, if desired.


Why search this vast ocean of supplements looking for perfect formulations to supply your niche clientele? Why not create your own signature line of supplements with your ideal ingredients!


At What’s Sup Doc, we take the stress out of the manufacturing process and monitor the production of your supplements from gestation through completion.


If you are interested in selling products on a larger scale, we help you promote them at professional trade shows.  Please click here for more information.