Custom Natural Cosmetic Formulations

There is increasing consumer demand for natural cosmetics.  Consumers want products without toxic dyes, preservatives, heavy metals, and other, possibly, carcinogenic ingredients.  Our skin is the largest and fastest growing organ, so why put something toxic on it, which will be quickly absorbed into the body?  Fashion magazine Harper’s Bazaarnoted in a December 2018 article that over the next few years — due to customer demand —  the beauty industry will embrace package and production eco-sustainability, formulation transparency, and the use of natural and organic ingredients.


At What’s Sup Doc Holistic Medical Consulting, we help you develop natural, organic skincare products including lotions, creams, toners, masks, scrubs and more.  We work with you from formulation through manufacture.   


If you are interested in selling products on a larger scale, we help you promote them at professional trade shows.  Please click here for more information.